Saturday, October 14, 2017


New Orleans living and music are often a theme in my paintings as I lived in the French Quarter for twelve years.  Surrounded by artists, I decided to purchase only original art and support the artist.  My husband and I love music so I've added musicians to my wonky houses.  I began painting after this experience of being exposed to the world of art in New Orleans.  I fell in love with all the paint colors to create my own view of the world.  Working in oils is really fun because I can mix colors while on the brush creating more red in one area and more yellow or blue in another with one brush stroke.  Painting has become a passion for me and I am completely unaware of the passage of time when I'm painting.  There's never been anything in my life that has done that for me.  I believe there is an artist in all of us.  I am living proof of that since I starting painting at the age of 56 and have never stopped.  I picked up a paint brush in 2007 and I've never put it down.  What a lovely way to grow old.

Painted the house in the tree while it rained like crazy with Hurricane Irma heading our way!!