About Me...

Welcome to my new Blog/Website!  Please follow my posts, so you can stay caught up with my work [of which I can barely - lol].

When you don't find me hiking in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, or enjoying time with friends and family, you'll find me with a paint brush in my hand. Having first held a brush in my hand May of 2009, I fell in love with the world ‘in color’. Suddenly, all objects and subjects became potential paintings. I work or should say ’play’ in oil paints and tend to favor architectural themes. I have been collecting original art for years but never thought I could create art myself. I continue to be inspired by other artists and study their works with a new eye for ideas and techniques. I will be ever grateful for the encouragement and support of loved ones who saw talent in me that has become pure passion and has transformed my life.

Thanks for visiting me on my little slice of the internet.
♥ ~ Sandi


  1. Hey Aunt Sandi
    Love the work your art is amazing, you were always so talented :)

  2. Thanks Megan!! I'll be posting lots of new art!!